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    Drivers needed in August, September and October for Eva's Kitchen
    Needed desparately...drivers for the months of August, September and October to take the meals provided by our volunteer cooks to Paterson. You will pick up the meals at Corpus Christi church at 10am, one Sunday a month, on the third Sunday of the month, and drive to the Paterson location.  Helpers at Eva's Village will meet you and unload your car. The volunteer time is approximatley two hours.

    If you or someone you know can help with the driving on the third Sunday of the month, please contact Anna Quinn at  973-635-5490.
    Weekend Mass Schedule: June 26th - September 4th
    Saturdays: 5 p.m.
    Sundays: 7:30, 9:30, and 11:30 a.m.
    A Message from Msgr. Mahoney:
    As mentioned in the June 9 Beacon, Father Lem Camacho will begin his service here at Corpus Christi, as our parochial vicar on August 15, 2016. He will be 40 years old this November, and was ordained one year ago, spending the past year finishing up this studies in spirituality for the S.T.L. degree at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome. He received his S.T.B. in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. His pre-theological studies were at Seton Hall University.

    Lem was born in the Philippines. Prior to his studies in Rome, he received a bachelor's degree in nursing from Manila Doctors College in the Philippines, and served as a nurse in Dover, N.J. and was the nursing supervisor at the Merry Heart Nursing Home in Succasunna for seven years.

    People all describe Lem as incredibly kind.  Given his education, he is also very bright. What a wonderful thing for a priest to arrive in a parish with solid competencies in health care and spirituality.

    When Lem received an email in Rome from Bishop Serratelli stating that he would be assigned here, he sent me this email which happened to be on our parish feast of Corpus Christi: "Dear Msgr., Good morning to you! A Happy Feast day to you and our parish! I remembered you and the whole community in my Mass this morning. I really look forward to being of service to our parish this coming August. I hope you can also send my regards to all as they have been in my prayers. Thank you so much and may the Eucharistic Lord Jesus be our strength now and forever!"

    By happy coincidence, I had planned to have dinner with Lem and our priests studying in Rome on May 31st when I was there for the Priests' Retreat led by Pope Francis. I look forward to working with Lem. He will live with me at the rectory.
    Singers and Instrumentalists are welcome! 
    Adults:  Corpus Chrisit Adult Choir, Handbell Choir and Funeral Choir
    Students:  Cherub Choir (K-2); Joyful Noise Choir (3-8+); Angel Chime Choir (1,2)
    Junior Bell Choir:  (Grades 3+)
    Harmonia Orchestra: (Grades 3+)

    Visit our website at www.corpuschristi.org (Parish Ministries/Music Ministry) for more information.

    Religious Education REGISTRATION for 2016-2017
    If you have not as of yet registered you child/children for the 2016/2017 Catechetical Year, click here to print and fill out the registration form and mail it in with your check.  Classes are filling up so if you need a particular day and time get your form in quickly.
    Please note the following: Grade 1 - All sessions still open; Grade 2 - Sunday at 8:00 am; 9:50 am and 11:45 am are closed;
    Grade 3 - All sessions still open; Grade 4 - Sunday at 9:50 am and 11:45 am are closed; Grade 5 - All sessions still open

    Catechists and Assistants Needed for 2016/2017
    9:50 am     
    Grade 1      1 Catechists and 1 Assistants
    Grade 2      2 Catechists and 2 Assistants
    Grade 3      1 Catechist and 2 Assistants
    Grade 5      2 Assistants
    11:45 am     
    Grade 3      1 Catechist
    Grade 5      1 Catechist (teach every other week)
    4:00 pm                                       
    Grade 3      2 Catechist                 
    Grade 4      2 Catechists                 
    Grade 5      1 Catechist

    Service Hours:
    A reminder that everyone needs 10 hours of service ~ 5 from the community outside Corpus Christi and 5 from a Corpus Christi sponsored event. Keep an eye on our Youth Facebook page to see what is happening and how you can achieve your service hour goals.
    Registration for Confirmation Preparation will be online through our website. Registation will be available in June.
    Catechists for 2016/2017 Needed:
    We are looking for teens interested in teaching religious ed to our younger parishioners. If you are someone who would like to teach and share the love of God with our younger youth, we have an opportunity for you. Team teaching is also encouraged.  The program is well supported with a program to follow.  Contact Psomi if you are interested. 

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